Life can be funny sometimes

Driving to one of my favorite hideouts for the night I noticed a funny sound coming from my van.. Looked down at the dashboard and noticed funny lights shinning bright. Playing it safe i pulled over when all of a sudden there was steam everywhere. Oh my gosh. Good thing I live in my van because being 10k out of town with no cell service I was forced* to sleep in it on the side of the road. All things considered I slept really well! Good stuff. 

Woke up and hitched into town. First car pulled over. What luck! Not. What takes me 15 minutes took us less then 7. Seat belts? Yes please. Also, turns out I probably met the one racist s.o.b Kewi as well. Something about contracts and Maoris (the indigenous population here) and how we should have just killed them and how they should just live like white people blah blah blah I stopped listening. I can’t believe that these people actually exist. 

Talked to the mechanic and told me to put water in the radiator and try to drive back. Easy enough.

Hitched back to my van. Second car stopped for me.. Really amazing. This time I met Tom, one of the managers of the north face store. Really cool guy. When I get my bike back (that’s broken and in the shop too 😒) we are supposed to go riding. Really looking forward to it.

Put water in the radiator and drove all of 3k before in blew up again. Ugh. 

Hitched back to town. Something like the 4th or 5th car stopped for me. Another really nice guy who owns a few restaurants in town. Im thinking I just had bad luck with the first guy. 

I might just start hitching a ride everywhere! 

Mechanic towed the van and took a look. Something exploded and its $4,000 to fix. I guess I should start looking for a job slightly more vigorously. Although I do have a few trial days coming up so that’s good. 

Still sleeping in the van. It’s parked outside the mechanics right next to a crossfit/ boxing gym. Those fuckers woke me up at 5:30am blasting boom boom pow by black eyed peas and what sounded like dropping heavy ass weights on to the ground. Meh. It’s probably okay.. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be there anyways. Better that then a $200 infringement fine that’s for sure. 

I might take you up on the couch offer, Rachel. 

When I had my bike, riding in queenstown was pretty amazing! Not to mention the views. Thanks James and Andrew for showing me the ropes at skyline. 

Life is funny sometimes! 5 years from now I’ll have some pretty damn good stories to tell from this trip.  What more could one possible want? Life got a little expensive lately.. But still having the time of my life. 
Pictures coming soon; but probably not. More stories? Maybe. I’ll try my best to share more of them 

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