race after race after race

I have been living in a van for about two weeks now. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’m getting there. I do know one thing though, the longer I live the ‘dirtbag’ life the more fun and strangely more freeing it becomes. I didn’t know what to do with myself at first. I could do anything I wanted and I had no obligations, but coming from a fairly structured life it was somewhat paralyzing. Adventure can be scary, but it gets easier.


I thought this van was fitting to my current situation. Although I do not think routine is all that bad if you enjoy what you are doing.

Sure, I took some pictures of some cool shit (like Huka Falls) and I drove around a lot but it didn’t feel quite right. It felt like more of a hurried vacation where I wanted to see and do everything but end up experiencing nothing. It was not what I intended this trip to be when I set out. What I’ve learned is that its okay to slow down. There is no need to move a thousand miles an hour all of the time. I’ve slowed down considerable sense I got here and it has become considerable more enjoyable. Today I drank coffee, rode my bike, looked for jobs and did my laundry. Now I’m sitting in one of Rotoroa’s red wood forests reflecting on the past two weeks waiting for laundry to dry and writing this post.


Huka Falls was pretty spectacular though

Other then that I’ve watched three different races, Giant W2 Gravity Endure, a local BMX race and 24 Hour World Championships. If I am not mistaken my sister took 2nd and the 24 Hour World Championships when it was in Australia a few years ago (Eszter: Jason English’s wife says ‘hello’ and that she remembers you from that race and that you would know who he was). Crankworx Rotorua is in a few weeks so that should be exciting to watch as well.


so fast


kids having a good time


24 hours of riding includes riding in the dark

Besides watching races and hanging out with some cool people at them I’ve done my fair share of riding as well. Strangely enough I have only ridden by myself twice. The other times I was able to join up with other groups and this last time was fortunate to ride with one of the locals who was showing me some of the “hidden’ trails. Some of them where considerable more knarly then I would have liked but I’m not complaining.


taking a break after a long climb

The van-life is pretty good so far!










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  1. What an adventure Andras! Rock on. We will be following your blog!

    Brenda and Eric



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