8 days

Excuse the typos, I am writing from my phone. 

It’s been a pretty crazy eight days. I landed on February 4th and managed to check in to my hostel with all of my belongings. That’s right! Both my giant ass North Face bag and my bike made it safely. I put my bike in a storage room and my North Face in my dorm-room. Surprisingly out of everyone there, seven others who I shared my room with, I didn’t even have the most stuff.. 

Although in this picture in looks relatively clean.. I promise you it was not.

I started exploring the city and the first thing I saw was a political protest. TPPA- No Way! I will have to look up what the issue is at some point. 


There were a ton of people walking..


 And sitting. 

It was a pretty interesting event to witness.

A few days of walking around the city and checking trademe (New Zealand’s version of Craigslist and eBay combined) I found the perfect van. I hopped on a intercity bus and 12 hours later I was in Wellington to pick it up. On the way down I decided I would name the van Aoraki, after the tallest mountain in New Zealand. It seemed fitting.

I spent a day in Wellington learning how to drive on the other side of the road. I’m still having issues and have scared the crap out of myself and a dozen other people so far by turning into the wrong lane. So I did what any smart man would do and immediately purchased car insurance. It’s optional here, but for my sake and the sake of all those around me I felt that it is something that should be manditory.


I slowly made my way up to Rotorua.


Stopping at various towns along the way. 


I even met a random Hungarian couple who were on their honeymoon.


 I finally made it.


And I finally made it on my bike.


It was incredible. With views like this.


 And as the say in New Zealand, kilometres and kilometres of tracks like these.


Twisting and turning throughout the forest.

After a long first day of riding I drove to one of the many free thermal pools that Rotorua is famous for.


The water is hot tub hot, and I even got the pool to myself for a split second.


I spotted this on my way back.


It has been an amazing first week and a day!


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