the last few hours

For the first time in my life I started packing a week before I left for a trip. I usually wait until just a few hours before I leave, but this time it was different. I was trying to pack for a trip that I had know idea how to pack for. A trip that would last a year. A tip that would take me through all four seasons.


It started out like this. I threw everything into a giant ass pile that I thought I could stuff into a giant ass bag that I bought from North Face. It was an XL bag for heaven sake. This mess stayed like this until the day before I was supposed to leave, where I painstakingly turned it a somewhat more organized pile.


Which eventually I somehow managed to turn into this…


I did it! I packed a years worth of belongings and a bike and bike accessories into a something that was somewhat manageable .


I said ‘somewhat manageable’. It was not easy to carry.. at all, and I struggled the entire time.


But it was perfect.





Thank god for these things.

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